3 inches

This beautiful woman
takes the same bus as me sometimes
She's about my height
but she's got that body
you know the one I'll never have
stomach so flat
a quarter's trampoline
legs like secondary highways
long   thin   beckoning

She'd blond and pretty and not at all dainty
and I want to fuck her
without conversation
slip out of her apartment
before she wakes up

You can tell I stare at her
waiting on the bus
I follow the curve of her shoulder blades
right down   down her spine
and she's wearing those Levi's
with the size on the label

It was brutal it was yesterday
Once again I stopped myself
from tasting her mocking beauty
I was only 3 inches away
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©Darusha Wehm  
Creative Commons License  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.