The True Face of My Apathy

"You really are a cynical little bitch,
aren't you?" he said,
his eyes alight,
his lips a wide grin.
And it was meant as a kind of compliment, like
"You see the world for what it is," or
"You're a lot like me."
And I smiled back, both
because of and in spite of
the fact that he can't see
the cracks in the firmament of my contempt
for I know that any minute now,
all Heaven will break loose.

Eros will run amok,
buggering the saints
(to their delight)
in chronological order.
Durga, with her many arms,
will try to satisfy
all the Disciples of Christ
The Buddha will realize the true face of Allah
in an overcrowded singles bar,
and they will agree to
a menage a trois with the Tao
while Jehovah overlooks the scene
in anticipation.
The holy Pantheon of human faith
will unite in a great exalted orgy,
as the plagues of humanity drown
in the wake of their love.

And he wonders why
I would rather find
a room for us and our bottle
than discuss the politics
of his blind brothers.
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©Darusha Wehm  
Creative Commons License  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.