Memoirs from Cyberia
a life's work


time passes like a kidney stone here
a little bit of goodness dies
every second   I am numb
anesthetized by uselessness
unable to remember
my amputated soul


this is nothing like wasting time
squandering youth ignoring opportunity
these are choices and
destroying a healthy body
with hedonistic abandon
becomes appealing even to puritan minds


hope is hard to find
when you can't see the sky


but I will not be defined
by a letter
A plus rejection letter
generation X
I am not an axel
to some cog not
a unison marcher
a team player soldier
no serial number bar code
tattooed on my flesh


my body sits silently
accepting commands
input and out
but I am not the sum
of my parts I am not
a lean mean production machine

I am present but not here
living in real life real time
nothing virtual in the reality
behind closed eyes


this is not angst this is
days marked by scratches
a nineteen-ninety-something
inescapable sterile cyberian gulag

time passes like a kidney stone here

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©Darusha Wehm  
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