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There is a wealth of fine poetry out there on the web, and I heartily encourage anyone and everyone to take a look at it. There is, no doubt, something for everyone. A great starting place is About's poetry site. There are links to poetry written thousands of years ago to some probably written last night. You can search the site, as well as browse through categories.

I'm a fan of contemporary poets, and some interesting stuff can be found at, Big Bridge, and ThunderSandwich. If you like what you see at ThunderSandwich, check out Jim Chandler's Chap My Ass. I'm a big fan of Jimmy Santiago Baca, so I highly recommend a trip to his site.

For an example of some of the really interesting interactive web-based work being done, visit abyss.

If you want to know how much of a geek I really am, check out the oddest poetry site I have found. Very entertaining!

I can't forget my own personal favourite. For all things Leonard Cohen, you can't go wrong with a trip to the Leonard Cohen Files.

While it has nothing to do with poetry (except possibly as inspiration), I encourage everyone to visit the hunger site, and the other links available there. In the same vein, ecologyfund is also worth the trip.

For some fun and excitement with words, check out Merriam-Webster's on-line dictionary. It's not the OED, but it's free, fun and has GAMES!

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