prairie may green and grey
perpetual drizzle
a meterological meeting of minds
neither summer nor winter
wind carries chill but
also a scent of warmth
colours three dimensional against the backdrop
plants somehow more alive
than at any other time

people still crowd streets
because it is may
because it is not winter
but sweatered and jacketed
and still complaining
but quietly

this is the silent season
not the first squeals of spring
melting snow and bicycles
catcalls for freshly shaved legs
miniskirts and muscle shirts
pulled from the back of drawers
though you still see your breath
not the dull roar of summer
children reinvading neighbourhoods
students in the street
drunk on next year's tuition

no this is introspection lethargy
time to read newspapers
sitting in a cafe
staring out the window
watching the not quite rain
of a prairie city may
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©Darusha Wehm  
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