Jim Carrey Eats My Shorts

a collaboration with Aaron Willis

A & E, CNN, PBS rocks!
Internet, start me up, turn me on, buy more stuff,
plug me in, drain my brain, I can't get enough.
Chekov, Sulu, Kirk and Spock
Star Trek's on around the clock
Monty Python's too intense
give me Desert Storm's green tents
It's on TV, it must be true
cathode rays are good for you
Just three bucks on a hun
spending money's lots of fun
Mind control, LSD
frozen food tastes good to me
Bart Simpson didn't do it
no-one saw him, you can't prove it
Don't read, don't think
smoke a joint and have a drink.

Kennedy, Vietnam, Jungle Book, Disneyland
Sanitize, plagiarize, hypnotize, close your eyes
Close your mind, learn to hate, KKK, it's too late
Jesse Jackson, Pat Buchanan, David Duke will rule!

Stay in school, kiss my ass, shut your face, SPACE RACE
Neil Armstrong, Challenger, Sally Ride, RAWHIDE
Wyatt Earpe, hang 'em high, John Wayne will never die
HIV, crack cocaine, heroin, Kurt Cobain
Top 40, MTV, k.d. lang's too hip for me
Salt 'n' Pepa show their thighs, Frank Sinatra's old blue eyes
Mel Gibson, O.J. Simpson; that's entertainment.

Exxon Valdez, Persian Gulf, save the trees
Bill Clinton, Jean Chrétien
Stockwell Day, septic tank
Rush Limbaugh, Jane Fonda
Hugh Hefner, tits 'n' ass
Playboy centerfold
Mike Tyson, too much class...

Jurassic park merchandise
any colour, any size
Buy your piece of Berlin Wall
All for one, one for all
Put another burger on
waiting for the atom bomb
lebensraum, suburbia
urban planing mania
maniacs, murderers
serial non sequiturs
In Excelsis Deo, Day-O

Skyscraper, bank machine, stockbroker, M-16
post-modern, post-mortem, post office blown away
vivisection, police protection, new direction, make 'em pay
Hiroshima, lung disease, bodies in the deep freeze
Genghis Khan, Wrath of Khan, Patrick Stewart turns me on
Tea, Earl Grey, hot.

Big priest, little boy:
it's all just a commie ploy
God is dead, Nietzche said
Nietzche's dead, said God
Shepherd's rod, fires of hell
all is well that ends well
Jesus Christ crucified
David Koresh deified

Blow my mind
Rock my world
Jim Carrey eats my shorts
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©Aaron Willis & Darusha Wehm  
Creative Commons License  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.