First I have to thank everyone who listened to me bitch and complain about this project. I hope it's worth it for you all. (Sorry it took so long!)

I also need to thank everyone who, over the years, has read or listened to my stuff and offered criticisms - good, bad or ugly. I am particularly indebted to Douglas Barbour and my fellow students in the poetry classes I took at the University of Alberta in 1996 and 1997. It's amazing the difference a captive (and engaged) audience can make!

On the technical side of things, I am grateful for the help I found at Jalouda's world for the basics, a big thanks to the fine folks at Webmonkey for the wonderful world of tables and stylesheets (without which many of these poems would never be seen on the web), and for the bits and pieces in between, I must acknowledge the tutorials at Web Diner. Finally, cheers to the Animation Factory, Boogie Jack's, and ScreamDesign for backgrounds and images.

Thanks to Duane for spending his valuable time making a lovely graphic that I never used. And, last but certainly not least, Steven gets a special thank you for letting me finally see "Angels" the way I originally imagined it.

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